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1 Bound Water in the Bazhenov Formation Rocks Before and After Extraction of Hydrocarbons Rod’kina, I. A.

77 2 p. 229-235
2 Current Crystallography: Is it Helpful to Earth Sciences? Pushcharovsky, D. Yu.

77 2 p. 157-178
3 Introduction of the Stanovaya Ophiolites of the Faddey Block of Northeastern Taimyr Based on Geological Data and Numerical Modeling Demina, L. I.

77 2 p. 179-190
4 The Development of a General Classification of Continental Ecological–Geological Systems Korolev, V. A.

77 2 p. 211-219
5 The Features of Seismic-Gravity Modeling in Different Physical–Geological Situations Shirokova, T. P.

77 2 p. 198-210
6 The Quality of Fresh Groundwater in the Bodrak River Valley in Mountainous Crimea Kayukova, E. P.

77 2 p. 236-246
7 The Role of Glacial and Lithodynamic Factors in the Sedimentary Cover Formation in the Velikaya Salma Strait (White Sea) Starovoytov, A. V.

77 2 p. 220-228
8 Zircon Isotope Dating of Jurassic Basalts from the Goitkh Volcanic Region of the Western Caucasus Gerasimov, Yu. V.

77 2 p. 191-197
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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