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1 Analysis of Phosphatidylcholines Alterations in Human Glioblastomas Ex Vivo Pekov, S. I.

15 3 p. 241-247
2 Changes in the Mitochondrial Subproteome of Mouse Brain Rpn13-Binding Proteins Induced by the Neurotoxin MPTP and the Neuroprotector Isatin Buneeva, O. A.

15 3 p. 199-214
3 Features of the In Vitro Expression Profile of Hippocampal Neurogenic Niche Cells during Optogenetic Stimulation Khilazheva, E. D.

15 3 p. 224-231
4 Haptoglobin as a Biomarker Naryzny, S. N.

15 3 p. 184-198
5 Identification of the Side Population Associated with ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters Activity Using Imaging Flow Cytometry Gisina, A. M.

15 3 p. 248-254
6 Interaction Study of Different Forms of Human Recombinant Anti-Mullerian Hormone with a Chimeric Analogue of the AMH Type II Receptor Rak, A. Ya.

15 3 p. 232-240
7 Screening of Potential Non-Azole Inhibitors of Lanosterol 14-Alpha Demethylase (CYP51) of the –°andida Fungi Kaluzhskiy, L. A.

15 3 p. 215-223
8 The Gene Expression Profile in Endothelial Cells Exposed to Mitomycin C Sinitsky, M. Yu.

15 3 p. 255-261
9 The Role of Nociceptin in Opioid Regulation of Brain Functions Shamakina, I. Yu.

15 3 p. 171-183
                             9 results found
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