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1 A Decade of Russian Metabolomics: the History of Development and Achievements Lokhov, P. G.

15 1 p. 1-15
2 Inhibitors of the Apical Sodium-Dependent Bile Acid Transporter (ASBT) as Promising Drugs Saveleva, E. E.

15 1 p. 16-26
3 Mass-Spectrometric MRM Analysis of FDA-Approved Proteins in Plasma of Healthy Volunteers Novikova, S. E.

15 1 p. 40-61
4 Modeling of Drug-Drug Interactions between Omeprazole and Erythromycin in the Cytochrome P450-Dependent System In vitro Koroleva, P. I.

15 1 p. 62-70
5 Molecular Mechanisms of Action and Physiological Effects of the Proinsulin C-Peptide (a Systematic Review) Poteryaeva, O. N.

15 1 p. 27-39
6 Telomerase Activity, mTert Gene Expression and the Telomere Length in Mouse Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Late Period after γ- and γ,n-Irradiation and in Tumors Developed from These Cells Vysotskaya, O. V.

15 1 p. 80-88
7 The Role of Toll-Like Receptors in Neuroimmunology of Alcoholism Airapetov, M. I.

15 1 p. 71-79
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