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1 A comparative study of a direct and pulse electrode-position method of TiO2 films and its effect on photo-electrocatalytic degradation of methyl orange dye Larbi, Khadidja Hadj

17 6 p. 334-341
2 Agarose coated micro-bottle sensor for relative humidity detection Zain, Huda Adnan

17 6 p. 328-333
3 A lightweight convolutional neural network for large-scale Chinese image caption Zhao, Dexin

17 6 p. 361-366
4 An improved deep multiscale crowd counting network with perspective awareness Zhuge, Jingchang

17 6 p. 367-372
5 A novel fiber Bragg grating vibration sensor with double equal-strength cantilever beams He, Zhenxin

17 6 p. 321-327
6 Detection of loop closure in visual SLAM: a stacked assorted auto-encoder based approach Luo, Yuan

17 6 p. 354-360
7 Performance simulation of space-based coherent wind LIDAR system under various meteorological conditions Zhang, Fengrui

17 6 p. 342-348
8 Photonic generation of microwave arbitrary waveforms using stimulated Brillouin scattering and Sagnac loop Li, Xiang

17 6 p. 379-384
9 Spectral analysis of photo-induced delayed luminescence from mesenchymal stem cells for label-free cell viability assessment Bai, Hua

17 6 p. 373-378
10 WeBox: locating small objects from weak edges Chan, Sixian

17 6 p. 349-353
                             10 results found
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