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1 Changes in the Mineral and Chemical Composition of Sills during their Intrusion Emplacement into the Sedimentary Cover, Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California (DSDP Holes 477, 477A, 478, 481/481A) Kurnosov, V. B.

16 Suppl 1 p. 243-256
2 Columbite–Tantalite of the Kester Deposit (Eastern Yakutia) Alekseev, V. I.

16 Suppl 1 p. 161-171
3 PGE Mineralogy in Explosive Breccias of the Poperechnoe Deposit (the Lesser Khingan Range, Russia) Mochalov, A. G.

16 Suppl 1 p. 544-559
4 Sources of Sediment Clasts and Depositional Environment of Sedimentary Rocks of the Daur Series of the Argun Continental Massif Smirnova, Yu. N.

16 Suppl 1 p. 11-28
5 The Geological Position and Minerals of Rare and Noble Metals in the Ores of the Kun-Manie Copper–Nickel Deposit (Southeastern Rim of the Siberian Craton) Guryanov, V. A.

16 Suppl 1 p. 525-543
6 The LA–ICP–MS U–Pb Ages of Detrital Zircons from Sedimentary Rocks of the Komsomolskaya Group (Northern Sikhote-Alin) Kudymov, A. V.

16 Suppl 1 p. 443-454
7 The Role of Metamorphic Devolatilization in Building Orogenic Gold Deposits within Paleoproterozoic Organic-Rich Sediments: P-T-X Thermobarometric and Carbon Isotopic Constraints from the Chertovo Koryto Deposit (Eastern Siberia) Tarasova, Yu.

16 Suppl 1 p. 387-404
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