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1 A Block of Ediacaran Volcanic Rocks in the South Mongolia–Khingan Orogenic Belt Smirnov, Y. V.

16 5 p. 477-491
2 A Comparative Analysis of the Linear Elements of the Relief and Geophysical Fields of the Bureya and Sikhote Alin Orogens Merkulova, T. V.

16 5 p. 510-523
3 A Two-Dimensional Model-Based Forecast of the Oil and Gas Potential in the Cenozoic Complex of the Sanjiang-Middle Amur Sedimentary Basin Prokhorova, P. N.

16 5 p. 492-502
4 Gas Geochemical Studies of the Dagi Gas-Hydrothermal Vents on the East Coast of Sakhalin Island Sokolova, N. L.

16 5 p. 503-509
5 Native Metals and Alloys in Trachytes and Shoshonite from the Continental United States and High-K Dacite from the Bolivian Andes: Magmatic Origins of Ore Metals in Convergent and Within-Plate Tectonic Settings Kepezhinskas, P.

16 5 p. 405-426
6 The Age of Gold Mineralization of the Ketkap–Yuna Magmatic Province, the Formation Affiliation of Gold-Bearing Complexes, and Stages of the Late Mesozoic Magmatism in Different Parts of the Aldan Shield Polin, V. F.

16 5 p. 427-442
7 The Crust and Upper Mantle of the East China Sea (Seismic Tomography and Gravity Models) Petrishchevsky, A. M.

16 5 p. 465-476
8 The Jurassic Stage in the Evolution of Mesozoic Sedimentation in the Eastern Mongol–Okhotsk Fold System Kirillova, G. L.

16 5 p. 455-464
9 The LA–ICP–MS U–Pb Ages of Detrital Zircons from Sedimentary Rocks of the Komsomolskaya Group (Northern Sikhote-Alin) Kudymov, A. V.

16 5 p. 443-454
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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