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1 Columbite–Tantalite of the Kester Deposit (Eastern Yakutia) Alekseev, V. I.

16 2 p. 161-171
2 Correlation of the Acoustic Parameters and the Age of the Basal Horizons of the Cenozoic Sedimentary Cover, the Sea of Japan Terekhov, E. P.

16 2 p. 101-115
3 Rare-Earth Element Mineralization in Argillized Granites of Southern Primorye: New Data Cherepanov, A. A.

16 2 p. 153-160
4 The Age of Gold Mineralization of the Elga Deposit, Mongol–Okhotsk Fold Belt: 40Ar/39Ar Geochronological Constraints Kadashnikova, A. Yu.

16 2 p. 143-152
5 The Bolshoi Payalpan Volcano (Sredinny Range, Kamchatka): Problematic Aspects of the Convergence of Island-Arc and Within-Plate Petrological and Geochemical Signatures in the Magmatic System Koloskov, A. V.

16 2 p. 63-82
6 The Deep Structure Model for Southern Kamchatka Based on 3D Density Modeling and Geological and Geophysical Data Nurmukhamedov, A. G.

16 2 p. 83-100
7 The Influence of the Structure and Composition of Lithotectonic Units on the Geochemical Specialization of Hydrothermal Mineralization of the Kolyma Terrane, Northeast Russia Glukhov, A. N.

16 2 p. 131-142
8 The Records of Environmental Changes in Lacustrine–Swamp Sequences within the Mountain Area of Iturup Island since the Late Glacial Period Razjigaeva, N. G.

16 2 p. 116-130
                             8 results found
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