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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A new approach to the multiple obnoxious facility location problem based on combinatorial and continuous tools Locatelli, M.

18 4 p. 873-887
2 A New full-newton step infeasible interior-point method for P∗(κ)-linear Complementarity problem Lee, Jong-Kyu

18 4 p. 943-964
3 A new sequential lifting of robust cover inequalities Joung, Seulgi

18 4 p. 925-941
4 A projected splitting method for vertical tensor complementarity problems Dai, Ping-Fan

18 4 p. 1005-1021
5 A simple proof of second-order sufficient optimality conditions in nonlinear semidefinite optimization Mehlitz, Patrick

18 4 p. 965-976
6 Award scheme in productivity-based contests Tian, Xu

18 4 p. 1071-1093
7 Characterization of unique solvability of absolute value equations: an overview, extensions, and future directions Kumar, Shubham

18 4 p. 889-907
8 Convergence rates of training deep neural networks via alternating minimization methods Xu, Jintao

18 4 p. 909-923
9 On the exact solution of the multi-depot open vehicle routing problem Soares, Vinícius Carvalho

18 4 p. 1053-1069
10 Scheduling coupled tasks on parallel identical machines Khatami, Mostafa

18 4 p. 991-1003
11 The truck–drone routing optimization problem: mathematical model and a VNS approach Ndiaye, Malick

18 4 p. 1023-1052
12 Well-posedness for the split equilibrium problem Dey, Soumitra

18 4 p. 977-989
                             12 gevonden resultaten
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