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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A novel forced motion apparatus with potential applications in structural engineering Zhao, Lin

21 7 p. 593-608
2 Bayesian operational modal analysis of a long-span cable-stayed sea-crossing bridge Xie, Yan-long

21 7 p. 553-564
3 Dynamic behavior of laterally loaded caisson foundations based on different cushion types: an experimental and theoretical study Tu, Wen-bo

21 7 p. 565-579
4 Dynamic response analysis of ship-bridge collisions experiment Guo, Jian

21 7 p. 525-534
5 Experimental study on the mechanical behavior and deformation characteristics of gravel cushion in an immersed tube tunnel Chen, Wei-le

21 7 p. 514-524
6 Revisiting aerodynamic admittance functions of bridge decks Zhao, Lin

21 7 p. 535-552
7 Technical challenges in the construction of bridge-tunnel sea-crossing projects in China Song, Shen-you

21 7 p. 509-513
8 Temperature-induced structural static responses of a long-span steel box girder suspension bridge Zhou, Lin-ren

21 7 p. 580-592
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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