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1 Correction to: Crop cultivation of Middle Yayoi culture communities (fourth century bce–first century ce) in the Kanto region, eastern Japan, inferred from a radiocarbon-dated archaeobotanical record Leipe, Christian

30 5 p. 711
2 Fabaceae (legume) pollen as an anthropogenic indicator in eastern North America Teale, Chelsea

30 5 p. 703-709
3 Food in a colonial setting: the flora assemblage of a short-lived Seleucid-founded site in the Near East Orendi, Andrea

30 5 p. 641-655
4 Four millennia of vegetation and environmental history above the Hyrcanian forest, northern Iran Homami Totmaj, Leila

30 5 p. 611-621
5 Identification of archaeobotanical Pistacia L. fruit remains: implications for our knowledge on past distribution and use in prehistoric Cyprus Rousou, Maria

30 5 p. 623-639
6 Identification of the Triticoid-type grains (Poaceae) from archaeobotanical assemblages in southwest Asia as Heteranthelium piliferum (Banks & Sol.) Hochst. Weide, Alexander

30 5 p. 657-674
7 Pollen and plant diversity relationships in a Mediterranean montane area Connor, Simon E.

30 5 p. 583-594
8 Potential palaeoflora of Last Glacial Maximum Eastern Beringia, northwest North America Strong, Wayne L

30 5 p. 675-684
9 Recent attestations of “new” glume wheat in Turkey: a reassessment of its role in the reconstruction of Neolithic agriculture Ulaş, Burhan

30 5 p. 685-701
10 Vegetation history of the Maharlou Lake basin (SW Iran) with special reference to the Achaemenid period (550–330 bc) Saeidi Ghavi Andam, Sara

30 5 p. 595-610
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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