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1 A palynological perspective on the impacts of European contact: Historic deforestation, ranching and agriculture surrounding the Cuchumatanes Highlands, Guatemala Harvey, William J.

30 3 p. 395-408
2 Crop cultivation of Middle Yayoi culture communities (fourth century bce–first century ce) in the Kanto region, eastern Japan, inferred from a radiocarbon-dated archaeobotanical record Leipe, Christian

30 3 p. 409-421
3 Environmental changes and plant use during the 5th-14th centuries in medieval Gdańsk, northern Poland Święta-Musznicka, Joanna

30 3 p. 363-381
4 Eric C. Grimm 1951–2020 Bradshaw, Richard H. W.

30 3 p. 305-312
5 Holocene woodland history of the Sierra de Ayllón (central Spain) García-Antón, Mercedes

30 3 p. 331-346
6 Neolithic land-use dynamics in northwest Ireland: multi-proxy evidence from Lough Arrow, County Sligo Stolze, Susann

30 3 p. 423-443
7 (Sub)urban gardens from Provence (Southern France, 14th–17th century) and the presence of Ricinus communis Figueiral, Isabel

30 3 p. 313-329
8 The use of Cornus sanguinea L. (dogwood) fruits in the Late Neolithic Tolar, Tjaša

30 3 p. 347-361
9 Vegetation history and human impacts from Thong Pha Phum, western Thailand during the past 700 years Punwong, Paramita

30 3 p. 383-394
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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