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1 Agriculture and palaeoeconomy in prehistoric Xinjiang, China (3000–200 bc) Li, Yuqi

30 2 p. 287-303
2 Does site elevation determine the start and intensity of human impact? Pollen evidence from southern Germany Rösch, Manfred

30 2 p. 255-268
3 From Mesolithic hunters to Iron Age herders: a unique record of woodland use from eastern central Europe (Czech Republic) Ptáková, Michaela

30 2 p. 269-286
4 Fuel economy, woodland management and adaptation strategies in a Classic Maya city: applying anthracology to urban settings in high biodiversity tropical forests Dussol, Lydie

30 2 p. 175-192
5 Phytolith evidence of water management for rice growing and processing between 8,500 and 7,500 cal years bp in the middle Huai river valley, China Luo, Wuhong

30 2 p. 243-254
6 Relative pollen productivity estimates of major plant taxa and relevant source area of pollen in the warm-temperate forest landscape of northern China Zhang, Yun

30 2 p. 231-241
7 The use of wood during prehispanic times in the Upper Paraná Delta revealed though analysis of ancient charcoal Ramos, R. Soledad

30 2 p. 193-212
8 13,000 years of sociocultural plant use in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile Ugalde, Paula C.

30 2 p. 213-230
                             8 results found
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