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1 Anthracological analyses of charcoal production sites at a high spatial resolution: the role of topography in the historical distribution of tree taxa in the northern Vosges mountains, France Gocel-Chalté, David

29 6 p. 641-655
2 Archaeobotanical evidence of food plants in Northern Italy during the Roman period Bosi, Giovanna

29 6 p. 681-697
3 Exine morphometric analysis as a new tool for Citrus species identification: a case study from Oplontis (Vesuvius area, Italy) Barone Lumaga, Maria Rosaria

29 6 p. 671-680
4 Forests and foragers: exploitation of wood resources by Mesolithic and para-Neolithic societies in north-eastern Poland Wacnik, Agnieszka

29 6 p. 717-736
5 How many, how far? Quantitative models of Neolithic land use for six wetland sites on the northern Alpine forelands between 4300 and 3700 bc Baum, Tilman

29 6 p. 621-639
6 List of critical referees, Volumes 28–29
29 6 p. 737-738
7 Quantitative landscape reconstruction and erosion history during the past 1,100 years in the Skogaryd Research Catchment, southern Sweden Yang, Bingjie

29 6 p. 657-670
8 Variations in pollen deposition of the main taxa forming the land cover along a NW–SE transect in European Russia: results of a ten year Tauber trap monitoring period Nosova, Maria B.

29 6 p. 699-716
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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