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1 After the fire: the end of a house life-cycle at the Iron Age site of Nabás (North-western Iberia) Martín-Seijo, María

29 4 p. 427-446
2 Discovering accounts of Native American burning within digitized historical documents using information retrieval methods Tulowiecki, Stephen J.

29 4 p. 463-476
3 Holocene vegetation history and human impact in the eastern Italian Alps: a multi-proxy study on the Coltrondo peat bog, Comelico Superiore, Italy Segnana, Michela

29 4 p. 407-426
4 Relative pollen productivity estimates for alpine meadow vegetation, northeastern Tibetan Plateau Qin, Feng

29 4 p. 447-462
5 Stable isotope analysis of vegetation history and land use change at Laguna Santa Elena in southern Pacific Costa Rica Kerr, Matthew T.

29 4 p. 477-492
6 Why did they move to a barren land? Iron Age settlement and the consequences for primary woodlands in the uplands of southern Bohemia, Czech Republic Kozáková, Radka

29 4 p. 493-507
                             6 results found
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