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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Archaeobotany of Aboriginal plant foods during the Holocene at Riwi, south central Kimberley, Western Australia Dilkes-Hall, India Ella

29 3 p. 309-325
2 From bog to fen: palaeoecological reconstruction of the development of a calcareous spring fen on Saaremaa, Estonia Blaus, Ansis

29 3 p. 373-391
3 Late Pleistocene vegetation and sedimentary charcoal at Kilgii Gwaay archaeological site in coastal British Columbia, Canada, with possible proxy evidence for human presence by 13,000 cal bp Mathewes, Rolf W.

29 3 p. 297-307
4 New evidence on the southeast Baltic Late Bronze Age agrarian intensification and the earliest AMS dates of Lens culinaris and Vicia faba Minkevičius, Karolis

29 3 p. 327-338
5 New insights into Late Bronze Age settlement and farming activity in the southern Burren, western Ireland Spencer, Daisy Eleanor

29 3 p. 339-356
6 New insights on stomata analysis of European conifers 65 years after the pioneering study of Werner Trautmann (1953) Finsinger, Walter

29 3 p. 393-406
7 The past distribution of Abies nebrodensis (Lojac.) Mattei: results of a multidisciplinary study Pasta, Salvatore

29 3 p. 357-371
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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