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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A Holocene record of savanna vegetation dynamics in southern lowland Papua New Guinea Rowe, Cassandra

29 1 p. 1-14
2 Assessing the occurrence and status of wheat in late Neolithic central China: the importance of direct AMS radiocarbon dates from Xiazhai Deng, Zhenhua

29 1 p. 61-73
3 Compositional turnover and variation in Eemian pollen sequences in Europe Felde, Vivian A.

29 1 p. 101-109
4 More than meets the eye: new archaeobotanical evidence on Bronze Age viticulture and wine making in the Peloponnese, Greece Valamoti, Soultana Maria

29 1 p. 35-50
5 Picea (spruce) growth rate (mm year−1) changes in southwest Yukon (Canada) since the mid 19th century Strong, Wayne L

29 1 p. 91-100
6 Typha as a wetland food resource: evidence from the Tianluoshan site, Lower Yangtze Region, China Zhang, Yunan

29 1 p. 51-60
7 What was the ecological impact of a Trypillia megasite occupation? Multi-proxy palaeo-environmental investigations at Nebelivka, Ukraine Albert, Bruce

29 1 p. 15-34
8 20,000 years of interactions between climate, vegetation and land use in Northern Greece Gassner, Sylvia

29 1 p. 75-90
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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