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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Adaptive G–G clustering for fuzzy segmentation of multivariate time series Wang, Ling

34 9 p. 1353-1367
2 An improved long short-term memory network for streamflow forecasting in the upper Yangtze River Zhu, Shuang

34 9 p. 1313-1329
3 Dynamic spatio-temporal generation of large-scale synthetic gridded precipitation: with improved spatial coherence of extremes Diederen, Dirk

34 9 p. 1369-1383
4 Estimation and characterization of annual precipitation based on spatiotemporal kriging in the Huanghuaihai basin of China during 1956–2016 Yang, Xue

34 9 p. 1407-1420
5 Regional modeling of daily precipitation fields across the Great Lakes region (Canada) using the CFSR reanalysis Khedhaouiria, Dikra

34 9 p. 1385-1405
6 Relevance of spatio-temporal rainfall variability regarding groundwater management challenges under global change: case study in Doñana (SW Spain) Naranjo-Fernández, N.

34 9 p. 1289-1311
7 Space–time models for hydrological and environmental applications Hristopulos, Dionissios T.

34 9 p. 1285-1287
8 Spatio-temporal consideration of the impact of flood event types on flood statistic Fischer, Svenja

34 9 p. 1331-1351
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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