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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A GIS-based comparative study of hybrid fuzzy-gene expression programming and hybrid fuzzy-artificial neural network for land subsidence susceptibility modeling Mohebbi Tafreshi, Ghazaleh

34 7 p. 1059-1087
2 Algal community and pollution indicators for the assessment of water quality of Ismailia canal, Egypt Elshobary, Mostafa E.

34 7 p. 1089-1103
3 A machine learning forecasting model for COVID-19 pandemic in India Sujath, R.

34 7 p. 959-972
4 An epidemiologic approach to environmental monitoring: cyanobacteria in Australia’s Murray–Darling basin Lal, Aparna

34 7 p. 949-958
5 Influence of output size of stochastic weather generators on common climate and hydrological statistical indices Alodah, Abdullah

34 7 p. 993-1021
6 Probabilistic long-term reservoir operation employing copulas and implicit stochastic optimization Ávila, Leandro

34 7 p. 931-947
7 Projections on climate internal variability and climatological mean at fine scales over South Korea Van Doi, Manh

34 7 p. 1037-1058
8 Spatial modeling of Dengue prevalence and kriging prediction of Dengue outbreak in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan) using presence only data Ahmad, Hammad

34 7 p. 1023-1036
9 Uncertainty of hydrologic simulation, and its impact on the design and the effectiveness of water conservation structures Vema, Vamsi Krishna

34 7 p. 973-991
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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