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1 Impact of the Background of Delayed Neutrons on the Capabilities of Experimental Facilities Based on Pulsed Reactivity-Modulated Neutron Sources Bodnarchuk, V. I.

19 2 p. 145-151
2 Installation for Manufacturing Straw Detectors for the Comet Experiment Sabirov, B.

19 2 p. 117-122
3 Main Results of Neutronical Study about ADS with Ion Beams and Implications on Experiments Planning Paraipan, M. M.

19 2 p. 129-144
4 On the d*(2380) Kabirimanesh, B.

19 2 p. 83-86
5 Prediction of Radiation Environment around NICA Complex Butenko, A. V.

19 2 p. 123-128
6 Production of Ultracold Neutrons in an Escaping Decelerating Trap Nesvizhevsky, V. V.

19 2 p. 162-175
7 Retraction Note to: Study of Mass Spectra and Decay Properties of D Meson in a Relativistic Independent Quark Model Behera, S.

19 2 p. 183
8 Rigid Triaxial Rotor Model Description of γγ-Band in Some Even Nuclei Singh, M.

19 2 p. 87-96
9 Solenoid Separator of Superheavy Elements: A New Design for the GASSOL Separator Oganessian, Yu. Ts.

19 2 p. 108-116
10 The Elemental and Texture Analysis of the Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment by Non-Destructive Neutron Methods Borzakov, S. B.

19 2 p. 176-182
11 Theoretical Study of the Role of Symmetry Energy as Well as Its Density Slope and Curvature on Neutron Star Core Crust Transition Density Using Finite Range Effective Interaction Pal, M.

19 2 p. 97-107
12 Thermal/Fast Fission Yield Ratio Signature for Neutron Interrogation of Nuclear Materials Tohamy, M.

19 2 p. 152-161
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