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1 A0 Condensation, Nielsen’s Identity and Effective Potential of Order Parameter Skalozub, V.

18 7 p. 738-745
2 A Simple Source Model for 6 MV Flattening Filter Free Photon Beams Monte Carlo Dose Calculations Ahad Ollah Ezzati,

18 7 p. 791-798
3 Bogolyubov Variables for an Interacting Field System Ostanina, M. V.

18 7 p. 701-708
4 Geometry of a Microelectronic Coordinate-Sensitive Detector of Charged Particles Kosulya, A. V.

18 7 p. 757-759
5 Massless Representations of the ISO(1,5) Group Buchbinder, I. L.

18 7 p. 721-728
6 MCNP Simulations for Silver-Plastic Scintillator Detector for Mono-Energy Neutrons 2.5 and 14 MeV Shehada Abdullah Mohammad,

18 7 p. 786-790
7 Minimization of the Long Term Noises of the 24-Bit ADC for the Precision Laser Inclinometer Azaryan, N.

18 7 p. 773-785
8 Occupational Hazards due to Natural Radioactivity and Heavy Metals in Some Industries Fawzia Mubarak,

18 7 p. 746-756
9 PMT Calibration of the ATLAS Hadron Scintillation Calorimeter, the TAIGA Gamma Ray Observatory, and the TUS Space Experiment Grebenyuk, V. M.

18 7 p. 760-772
10 Quantization on a Classical Background Using Bogolyubov Variables Ostanina, M. V.

18 7 p. 709-715
11 Reference Radiation Field for GCR Chronic Exposure Simulation Timoshenko, G. N.

18 7 p. 799-805
12 Solutions of the Klein–Fock–Gordon Equation and Coherent States on the Horosphere of the Lobachevsky Momentum Space Kurochkin, Yu. A.

18 7 p. 716-720
13 The Concept of Particle-Antiparticle and the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe Felix Lev,

18 7 p. 729-737
                             13 gevonden resultaten
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