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1 Calculation of the Reactivity Feedback Coefficients for the LEU Fuel of the MNSR Reactor Using DRAGON5/DONJON5 Codes Al Zain, Jamal

18 6 p. 687-690
2 Comparison of Dose–Response Curves between EBT-XD and EBT3 Radiochromic Films at High Dose Range (2000–4500 cGy) for a 175 MeV Proton Beam Borowicz, D. M.

18 6 p. 691-699
3 Detailed Study of the MPD Detector Performance for Reconstruction of Hyperons in Heavy-Ion Collisions at NICA Energies Drnoyan, J. R.

18 6 p. 676-686
4 Excitation of Isomeric States in the Reactions (γ, n) and (n, 2n) on the 81Br Nucleus Palvanov, S. R.

18 6 p. 672-675
5 Optical and Double Folding Model Analysis of 28Si(α,α)28Si Elastic Scattering from 12.7 to 240 MeV Ahmed Hammad Amer,

18 6 p. 640-647
6 Pauli Ionization Mechanism for Recoil Atoms in Matter Men’shikov, L. I.

18 6 p. 665-671
7 Prototype of the Digital Electronics Chain for the GABRIELA Detector Assembly and First Tests Mukhin, R. S.

18 6 p. 652-657
8 Quantization of Nonlinear Fields Using Bogolyubov Variables Ostanina, M. V.

18 6 p. 648-651
9 Systematics of Yrast Bands in the Region of Heavy and Superheavy Even-Even Nuclei Efimov, A. D.

18 6 p. 658-664
10 Thermodynamically Consistent Description of One-Phonon States Fragmentation in Hot Nuclei Dzhioev, A. A.

18 6 p. 629-639
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