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1 Analysis of Power Transfer from the Generator to the Beam in Accelerating Structures of Different Types Dronova, E. V.

18 5 p. 597-602
2 Design of the Event Metadata System for the Experiments at NICA Alexandrov, E.

18 5 p. 603-616
3 Hadron Modifications in a Dense Baryonic Matter Musulmanbekov, G.

18 5 p. 548-558
4 Heart and Brain in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Stachera, M.

18 5 p. 617-628
5 NMR Studies of Porous Media: Specific Features Aleksandrov, D. A.

18 5 p. 574-596
6 Nuclear Shape Phase Transitions Using IBM Applied to Erbium and Ruthenium Nuclei Ramadan, M.

18 5 p. 527-539
7 On Matter and Pressure Distribution in Nucleons Fiore, R.

18 5 p. 540-547
8 Simulation and Analysis of the Properties of Linear Structures in the Mass Distribution of Nuclear Reaction Products by Machine Learning Methods Ososkov, G. A.

18 5 p. 559-569
9 Supersymmetric Algebraic Model for Descriptions of Transitional Even-Even and Odd-A Nuclei near the Critical Point of the Vibrational to γ-Unstable Shapes Ghapanvari, M.

18 5 p. 511-526
10 Thyristor Switch of Quadrupole-Lens Power Supply in the Booster–Nuclotron Transport Channel at the NICA Facility Vinnik, D. S.

18 5 p. 570-573
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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