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1 Assessment of TiO2 Nanoparticles Accumulation in Organs and Their Effect on Cognitive Abilities of Mice Zinicovscaia, I.

18 3 p. 378-384
2 Comparison of the Lindhard–Sørensen and Mott–Bloch Corrections to the Bethe Stopping Formula at Moderately Relativistic Energies Kats, P. B.

18 3 p. 267-276
3 Developing Production Technology and Control Methods for Micromegas Detectors Balikina, M.

18 3 p. 323-337
4 FLAP Collaboration: Tasks and Perspectives. Study of Fundamentals and New Applications of Controllable Generation of Electromagnetic Radiation by Relativistic Electrons Using Functional Materials Baldin, A.

18 3 p. 338-353
5 Magnetic Moments and Decay Rates for Double Heavy Baryons in the Non-Relativistic Quark Model Abu-Shady, M.

18 3 p. 294-301
6 Normalized Mott Cross Section in Different Approaches Kats, P. B.

18 3 p. 277-283
7 On Optimization of the Metal Ion Production by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Sources Mironov, V.

18 3 p. 370-377
8 On Vacuum Integration Anikin, I. V.

18 3 p. 290-293
9 q-Derivatives of Multivariable q-Hypergeometric Function with Respect to Their Parameters Bytev, V. V.

18 3 p. 284-289
10 Reducing the Level of Power Vibrations in the NEPTUNE Pulsed Reactor Shabalin, E. P.

18 3 p. 354-369
11 Self-Similarity, Fractality and Entropy Principle in Collisions of Hadrons and Nuclei at Tevatron, RHIC and LHC Zborovský, I.

18 3 p. 302-314
12 Studying the Excitation of K-Isomers of 180,182Hf and 177Lu in (γ, α) Reactions Zheltonozhsky, V. A.

18 3 p. 319-322
13 Studying the Population of 178m,177Ta in (γ, xn) Reactions Zheltonozhsky, V. A.

18 3 p. 315-318
                             13 gevonden resultaten
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