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1 A Method for Estimating the Normalized Instrument Response Function of the URAGAN Muon Hodoscope Getmanov, V. G.

18 1 p. 115-122
2 Application of the LaCl3(Ce) Scintillator to Fast Neutron Measurements Kormilitsyn, T.

18 1 p. 75-81
3 Conceptual Design of a Fast Periodically Pulsed Reactor Pepelyshev, Yu. N.

18 1 p. 82-92
4 Criteria of Fractal Reconstruction and Suppressing Background Events with the SePaC Method Dedovich, T. G.

18 1 p. 93-106
5 Current Status of the NUCLEON-2 Mission Vasiliev, O.

18 1 p. 36-51
6 Dual-Isotope Spectrometric Gamma Densitometer for Diagnostics of Three-Phase Oil–Water–Gas Flows Sveshnikov, B. N.

18 1 p. 52-62
7 Eikonal Amplitudes and Nonglobal Logarithms from the BMS Equation Benslama, H.

18 1 p. 5-18
8 Multinucleon Transmissions in 18O (35 MeV/Nucleon) + 181Ta (9Be) Reactions Artyukh, A. G.

18 1 p. 19-26
9 Research and Development of the SC230 Superconducting Cyclotron for Proton Therapy Karamyshev, O. V.

18 1 p. 63-74
10 Simulation of an Accelerator Driven System with Different Spallation Targets Dubrouski, A. I.

18 1 p. 27-35
11 The Method of the Kernel of the Evolution Equation in the Theory of Gravity Gusev, Yu. V.

18 1 p. 1-4
12 Vector Finder—A Toolkit for Track Finding in the MPD Experiment Zinchenko, Dmitrii

18 1 p. 107-114
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