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1 Construction of the Gaseous and Solid-State Targets for the Muon Capture Measuring System in 130Xe, 82Kr, and 24Mg Belov, V. V.

17 6 p. 848-855
2 Elemental Analysis of the Molding Paste of Medieval Oriental Faiences Koval, V. Yu.

17 6 p. 893-899
3 Meteorological Characteristics of Energetic Atmospheric Phenomena Svechnikova, E. K.

17 6 p. 840-847
4 Monte Carlo Simulation of the Computed Tomography Dose Index (CTDI) Using GATE Mkimel, M.

17 6 p. 900-907
5 NICA-MPD Vertex Tracking Detector Identification Capability for Reconstructing Strange and Charmed Particle Decays Zinchenko, A. I.

17 6 p. 856-870
6 Non-Equilibrium Ignition Criterion for p-11B Advanced Fuel in Magnetized Target Fusion Esmat Ghorbanpour,

17 6 p. 809-820
7 Numerical Simulation of Additional Proton Beams with Variable Energy for Testing the Radiation Resistance of Electronics and Other Applications at the PNPI Synchrocyclotron Artamonov, S. A.

17 6 p. 882-892
8 Optical Properties of YAG:Ce and GGG:Ce Scintillation Crystals Irradiated with a High Fluence Proton Beam Baranov, V.

17 6 p. 878-881
9 Phenomenological Study for the Search of Evidence for Intrinsic Charm at the COMPASS Experiment Gridin, A.

17 6 p. 826-833
10 Preliminary Simulation Results for the DPS-NICA Project Vasilev, O.

17 6 p. 871-877
11 Study of the Rate of Photonuclear Reactions in 165Ho Nucleus Khushvaktov, J. H.

17 6 p. 821-825
12 Surface Waves in a Collisional Quark-Gluon Plasma Baiseitov, K.

17 6 p. 803-808
13 Unipolar Cherenkov and Diffraction Radiation of Relativistic Electrons Naumenko, G.

17 6 p. 834-839
                             13 gevonden resultaten
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