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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A Bi-Integrated Model for coupling lot-sizing and cutting-stock problems Ayres, Amanda O. C.

43 4 p. 1047-1076
2 Advanced loading constraints for 3D vehicle routing problems Krebs, Corinna

43 4 p. 835-875
3 Analysis of an inventory system with emergency ordering option at the time of supply disruption Poormoaied, Saeed

43 4 p. 1007-1045
4 An epsilon-based data envelopment analysis approach for solving performance measurement problems with interval and ordinal dual-role factors Ebrahimi, Bohlool

43 4 p. 1103-1124
5 An interactive algorithm for resource allocation with balance concerns Özpeynirci, Selin

43 4 p. 983-1005
6 Fixed cost allocation in two-stage system using DEA from a noncooperative view An, Qingxian

43 4 p. 1077-1102
7 Learning judgment benchmarks of customers from online reviews Wu, Xingli

43 4 p. 1125-1157
8 Planning road network restoration and relief distribution under heterogeneous road disruptions García-Alviz, Juliette

43 4 p. 941-981
9 The last-mile vehicle routing problem with delivery options Tilk, Christian

43 4 p. 877-904
10 Using tornado-related weather data to route unmanned aerial vehicles to locate damage and victims Grogan, Sean

43 4 p. 905-939
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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