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1 A column-oriented optimization approach for the generation of correlated random vectors Sefair, Jorge A.

43 3 p. 777-808
2 A machine learning-based branch and price algorithm for a sampled vehicle routing problem Furian, Nikolaus

43 3 p. 693-732
3 An analytics-based heuristic decomposition of a bilevel multiple-follower cutting stock problem Fajemisin, Adejuyigbe O.

43 3 p. 665-692
4 A novel solution approach with ML-based pseudo-cuts for the Flight and Maintenance Planning problem Peschiera, Franco

43 3 p. 635-664
5 Estimation of a logistic regression model by a genetic algorithm to predict pipe failures in sewer networks Robles-Velasco, Alicia

43 3 p. 759-776
6 Generalization of machine learning for problem reduction: a case study on travelling salesman problems Sun, Yuan

43 3 p. 607-633
7 Leveraged least trimmed absolute deviations Sudermann-Merx, Nathan

43 3 p. 809-834
8 Machine learning and combinatorial optimization, editorial Di Caro, Gianni A.

43 3 p. 603-605
9 Mathematical optimization for time series decomposition Gozuyilmaz, Seyma

43 3 p. 733-758
                             9 results found
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