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1 Bayesian estimation for an item response tree model for nonresponse modeling Chang, Yu-Wei

85 8 p. 1023-1047
2 Consistency of the MLE under a two-parameter Gamma mixture model with a structural shape parameter He, Mingxing

85 8 p. 951-975
3 Distribution-free specification test for volatility function based on high-frequency data with microstructure noise Tang, Yinfen

85 8 p. 977-1022
4 Non asymptotic expansions of the MME in the case of Poisson observations Chernoyarov, O. V.

85 8 p. 927-950
5 Universally optimal balanced block designs for interference model Fakhari-Esferizi, Akram

85 8 p. 1049-1061
                             5 results found
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