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1 High-dimensional inference for linear model with correlated errors Yuan, Panxu

85 1 p. 21-52
2 High-dimensional quantile varying-coefficient models with dimension reduction Zhao, Weihua

85 1 p. 1-19
3 IL-optimal designs for regression models under the second-order least squares estimator He, Lei

85 1 p. 53-66
4 On a stochastic order induced by an extension of Panjer’s family of discrete distributions Beknazaryan, Aleksandr

85 1 p. 67-91
5 On estimating common mean of several inverse Gaussian distributions Bera, Samadrita

85 1 p. 115-139
6 Quasi-maximum likelihood estimation of short panel data models with time-varying individual effects Sun, Yan

85 1 p. 93-114
                             6 results found
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