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1 Additive functional regression in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces under smoothness condition Tian, Yuzhu

84 3 p. 429-442
2 A new test of multivariate normality by a double estimation in a characterizing PDE Dörr, Philip

84 3 p. 401-427
3 A shrinkage approach to joint estimation of multiple covariance matrices Hu, Zongliang

84 3 p. 339-374
4 Correction to: Asymptotic properties of Lee distance Nikolov, Nikolay I.

84 3 p. 443-444
5 Nearest neighbor balanced block designs for autoregressive errors Koné, Mamadou

84 3 p. 281-312
6 On the equivalence between the LRT and F-test for testing variance components in a class of linear mixed models Qeadan, Fares

84 3 p. 313-338
7 Random discretization of stationary continuous time processes Philippe, Anne

84 3 p. 375-400
                             7 results found
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