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1 General flation models for count data Böhning, Dankmar

84 2 p. 245-261
2 Minimum aberration blocked designs with multiple block variables Zhao, Shengli

84 2 p. 121-140
3 On past geometric vitality function of order statistics Gayathri, Ramanathan

84 2 p. 263-280
4 On the ARCH model with stationary liquidity Voutilainen, Marko

84 2 p. 195-224
5 Optimal model averaging estimator for semi-functional partially linear models Jiang, Rongjie

84 2 p. 167-194
6 Parallel inference for big data with the group Bayesian method Guo, Guangbao

84 2 p. 225-243
7 Universal weighted kernel-type estimators for some class of regression models Borisov, Igor S.

84 2 p. 141-166
                             7 results found
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