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no title author magazine year volume issue page(s) type
1 A hybrid neural network approach to combine textual information and rating information for item recommendation Liu, Donghua

63 3 p. 621-646
2 Auto-labelling entities in low-resource text: a geological case study Enkhsaikhan, Majigsuren

63 3 p. 695-715
3 Closed form word embedding alignment Dev, Sunipa

63 3 p. 565-588
4 Deep dynamic neural networks for temporal language modeling in author communities Delasalles, Edouard

63 3 p. 733-757
5 Efficient computation of deletion-robust k-coverage queries Zheng, Jiping

63 3 p. 759-789
6 Improving spectral clustering with deep embedding, cluster estimation and metric learning Duan, Liang

63 3 p. 675-694
7 L-ideals and rough sets based on L-ideals Estaji, Ali Akbar

63 3 p. 647-673
8 Saliency-based YOLO for single target detection Hu, Jun-ying

63 3 p. 717-732
9 Warped softmax regression for time series classification Jain, Brijnesh

63 3 p. 589-619
                             9 results found
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