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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 An attempt to test whether dogs (Canis familiaris) show increased preference towards humans who match their behaviour Silva, Karine

38 2 p. 223-232
2 A wake-up call for sleepy lizards: the olfactory-driven response of Tiliqua rugosa (Reptilia: Squamata: Sauria) to smoke and its implications for fire avoidance behavior Mendyk, Robert W.

38 2 p. 161-166
3 Different preference functions act in unison: mate choice and risk-taking behaviour in the Atlantic molly (Poecilia mexicana) Sommer-Trembo, Carolin

38 2 p. 215-222
4 Experimental tail shortening affects feeding rate depending on original tail length in female barn swallows Hirundo rustica gutturalis Hasegawa, Masaru

38 2 p. 179-184
5 Fiddler crabs and their above-ground sedimentary structures: a review Pardo, Juan C. F.

38 2 p. 137-154
6 How do flies keep clean? Head grooming in Drosophila Ringo, John M.

38 2 p. 167-172
7 Kin discrimination using chemical cues by juvenile Puntius titteya Fukuchi, Mizuho

38 2 p. 173-178
8 Post-natal maternal stress decreases locomotor play behaviors in Octodon degus pups Malcangi, Stephanie

38 2 p. 207-213
9 Relationships between mating tactics and male traits such as body size and fluctuating asymmetry in the Japanese scorpionfly Ishihara, Ryo

38 2 p. 233-239
10 Widespread army ant aversion among East African jumping spiders (Salticidae) Nelson, Ximena J.

38 2 p. 185-194
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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