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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Concise ID-based mercurial functional commitments and applications to zero-knowledge sets Wu, Chunhui

19 4 p. 453-464
2 Disposable dynamic accumulators: toward practical privacy-preserving mobile eIDs with scalable revocation Hölzl, Michael

19 4 p. 401-417
3 DUEF-GA: data utility and privacy evaluation framework for graph anonymization Casas-Roma, Jordi

19 4 p. 465-478
4 EMBLEM: (R)LWE-based key encapsulation with a new multi-bit encoding method Seo, Minhye

19 4 p. 383-399
5 Group rekeying based on member join history Tiloca, Marco

19 4 p. 343-381
6 PDGuard: an architecture for the control and secure processing of personal data Mitropoulos, Dimitris

19 4 p. 479-498
7 Secure implementations of a random bisection cut Ueda, Itaru

19 4 p. 445-452
8 Security analysis of secure kNN and ranked keyword search over encrypted data Ogata, Wakaha

19 4 p. 419-425
9 Security attacks on smart grid scheduling and their defences: a game-theoretic approach Pilz, M.

19 4 p. 427-443
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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