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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A novel dynamic data replication strategy to improve access efficiency of cloud storage Nannai John, Sujaudeen

18 3 p. 405-426
2 Big data analysis of e-commerce loan risk of college students in the context of network finance Haitao, Sun

18 3 p. 439-454
3 Big data analytics on enterprise credit risk evaluation of e-Business platform Wang, Fatao

18 3 p. 311-350
4 Data mining and analysis of part-time entrepreneurs from the perspective of entrepreneurial ability Sun, Jun

18 3 p. 455-484
5 Holding maximum customers in cloud business environment by efficient load balancing methods based on MPSO-MC Sundaramoorthy, P.

18 3 p. 295-309
6 Intelligent exhaustion rate and stability control on underwater wsn with fuzzy based clustering for efficient cost management strategies Umamaheswari, M.

18 3 p. 283-294
7 Secure Privacy Conserving Provable Data Possession (SPC-PDP) framework Jayaraman, Indumathi

18 3 p. 351-377
8 Special issue on “Big Data Analytics and Deep Learning for E-Business Outcomes” Balakrishnan, Nagaraj

18 3 p. 281-282
9 Technical analysis on security realization in web services for e-business management Muthukrishnan, Priyadharshini

18 3 p. 427-438
10 Three stage hybrid encryption of cloud data with penta-layer security for online business users Subashanthini, S.

18 3 p. 379-404
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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