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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Dynamics of a family of rational maps concerning renormalization transformation Zhang, Yuhan

15 4 p. 807-833
2 Hua’s theorem on five squares of primes Zhao, Wenjia

15 4 p. 835-850
3 Intrinsic square function characterizations of Hardy spaces associated with ball quasi-Banach function spaces Yan, Xianjie

15 4 p. 769-806
4 Moments of integral-type downward functionals for single death processes Wang, Jing

15 4 p. 749-768
5 Oscillation and variation for Riesz transform in setting of Bessel operators on H1 and BMO Cui, Xiaona

15 4 p. 617-647
6 Partial approximate boundary synchronization for a coupled system of wave equations with Dirichlet boundary controls Wang, Chenmu

15 4 p. 727-748
7 Remark on Gauss curvature equations on punctured disk Li, Yuxiang

15 4 p. 701-707
8 Weighted binary relations involving core-EP inverse Gao, Yuefeng

15 4 p. 685-699
9 Weighted product Hardy space associated with operators Deng, Qingquan

15 4 p. 649-683
10 Weighted weak group inverse for Hilbert space operators Mosić, Dijana

15 4 p. 709-726
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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