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1 A generalized π2-diffeomorphism finiteness theorem Rong, Xiaochun

15 2 p. 399-418
2 Cartan-Eilenberg N-complexes with respect to self-orthogonal subcategories Lu, Bo

15 2 p. 351-365
3 Dimension of divergence sets for dispersive equation Lan, Senhua

15 2 p. 317-331
4 Hardy space estimates for bi-parameter Littlewood-Paley square functions Liao, Fanghui

15 2 p. 333-349
5 High-order sum-of-squares structured tensors: theory and applications Chen, Haibin

15 2 p. 255-284
6 On spectrum of Hermitizable tridiagonal matrices Chen, Mu-Fa

15 2 p. 285-303
7 Property T and strong property T for unital *-homomorphisms Meng, Qing

15 2 p. 385-398
8 Regularity results of solution uniform in time for complex Ginzburg-Landau equation He, Yinnian

15 2 p. 305-315
9 Restricted Kac modules for special contact Lie superalgebras of odd type Wang, Shujuan

15 2 p. 419-434
10 Tensor Bernstein concentration inequalities with an application to sample estimators for high-order moments Luo, Ziyan

15 2 p. 367-384
                             10 results found
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