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1 Associative Learning and Memory in Thrips tabaci (Thysanoptera, Thripidae) Fedorova, M. A.

102 6 p. 769-781
2 Controlling the Behavior of Harmful Insects: Light and Chemical Signals and Their Combined Action Frolov, A. N.

102 6 p. 782-819
3 Interactions in the System “Cucumber Plant—Spider Mite Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acarina, Tetranychidae)—Predatory Midge Feltiella luboviae Fedotova et Kozlova (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae)” Treated with Ethyl Arachidonate Razdoburdin, V. A.

102 6 p. 844-852
4 Mitochondrial ND4 Gene as a Marker Trait for Studying Structure and Dynamics of Aphid (Hemiptera, Aphididae) Populations Alpatieva, N. V.

102 6 p. 820-828
5 Mortality of Insect Storage Pests after Treatment with Accelerated Electrons Zakladnoy, G. A.

102 6 p. 853-855
6 On the Idiocerini (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae) of Ghana, with Description of a New Species of the Genus Pretioscopus Webb and Notes on the Classification of the Subfamily Eurymelinae Gnezdilov, V. M.

102 6 p. 879-890
7 Parasitoid Tachinid Flies (Diptera, Tachinidae) of Yakutia: New Records, Landscape Distribution, and Arealogical Analysis Nartshuk, E. P.

102 6 p. 856-878
8 Spatial Distribution and Resettlement of Adults in the Population of the Fritillary Butterfly Clossiana freija (Thunberg) (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae) in the Middle Taiga Landscape Gorbach, V. V.

102 6 p. 829-843
9 Two New Species of the Genus Trixagus Kugelann, 1794 (Coleoptera, Throscidae) from the Palaearctic Region Kovalev, A. V.

102 6 p. 891-901
10 Vibrational Communication in Insects Tishechkin, D. Yu.

102 6 p. 737-768
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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