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1 Carbon-Free Russia: Is There a Chance to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2060 Klimenko, V. V.

68 7 p. 223-232
2 Crystallographic Characteristics of Phase Transformations in the Field of Medium-Carbon Steels of a Joint Obtained by Rotational Friction Welding Schastlivtsev, V. M.

68 7 p. 237-240
3 Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of High-Temperature Creep of the ENAW 5251 (AMg2) Aluminum Alloy under Step Loading Arutyunyan, A. R.

68 7 p. 219-222
4 Photosensitivity of the PbS Colloidal Quantum Dot-Based Nanostructures with an Energy Barrier Popov, V. S.

68 7 p. 233-236
5 Quantum Black Holes in the Expanding Universe Neznamov, V. P.

68 7 p. 209-213
6 Structure and Properties of a High-Entropy AlCrFeCoNi Alloy after Treatment with an Electron–Ion Plasma Gromov, V. E.

68 7 p. 205-208
7 Supersensitive Registration of Polyfunctional Magnetic Nanomaterials for the Rapid Detection of Molecular Markers of Diseases Orlov, A. V.

68 7 p. 214-218
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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