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1 Exact Solution of the Wiener–Hopf Equation on the Segment for Contact Problems of the Theory of Cracks in a Layered Medium Babeshko, V. A.

68 4 p. 120-124
2 Features of Nitrogen Degassing of Dhajala Chondrite (3.8) Voropaev, S. A.

68 4 p. 135-139
3 Maintaining Microwave Discharge in Hollow Core Optical Fibers for Gas Fiber Lasers Bufetov, I. A.

68 4 p. 107-112
4 Obtaining the Thermoelectric Material Cu2Se by the Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Method Nigmatullina, G. R.

68 4 p. 113-119
5 The Moment-Membrane Theory of Elastic Flexible Plates as a Continual Geometrically Nonlinear Theory of a Graphene Sheet Sargsyan, S. H.

68 4 p. 125-130
6 Transition of a Supersonic Boundary Layer Over an Unswept Wing Due to Acoustic Noise Chuvakhov, P. V.

68 4 p. 131-134
                             6 gevonden resultaten
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