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1 A Raman Geothermometer for Carbonaceous Chondrites Voropaev, S. A.

68 10 p. 345-348
2 A Three-Dimensional Shell Model for Layer-by-Layer Study of the Stress and Strain State of Irregular Conical Sandwich Shells Bakulin, V. N.

68 10 p. 334-339
3 Bending of an Elastic Plate in a High Pressure Field Ilgamov, M. A.

68 10 p. 319-323
4 Critique of Yakov Zeldovich’s “The Theory of Ignition by a Heated Surface”: Self-Ignition of an Infinite Combustible by Heated Bodies Filippov, A. A.

68 10 p. 324-327
5 Effective Methods of Synthesis and Optimization of a Holographic Mask Chernik, V. V.

68 10 p. 328-333
6 The Analytical Relationship between the Coefficients of Added Mass and Thermal Conductivity in a Suspension of Spherical Particles Boshenyatov, B. V.

68 10 p. 340-344
7 The Significance of Retained Austenite in the High Strength and Plasticity of Medium Carbon Q&P Steel Mishnev, R. V.

68 10 p. 349-353
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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