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1 Detection of Phase Transitions in an Ho0.8Lu0.2B12 Antiferromagnet in Hall Effect Measurements Khoroshilov, A. L.

67 5 p. 138-143
2 Model of Underwater Pipeline Flotation Ilgamov, M. A.

67 5 p. 123-127
3 Numerical Simulation of the Influence of a Mach Wave on the Laminar–Turbulent Transition in a Supersonic Boundary Layer Egorov, I. V.

67 5 p. 144-147
4 Optimal Minimum-Fuel Trajectories of Supersonic Passenger Aircraft Kumakshev, S. A.

67 5 p. 148-152
5 Osmotic Convection Ramazanov, M. M.

67 5 p. 153-158
6 Synthesis of Oxide, Nitride, and Oxynitride Materials of Micro- and Nano-Sizes Based on Al/AlN and Al/Si3N4 Powders Sokolov, A. S.

67 5 p. 132-137
7 The Influence of Nonlinearity on the Process of Generation of a Magnetic Field in Stars with Sufficiently Large Dynamo Numbers Popova, E. P.

67 5 p. 128-131
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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