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1 Experimental Study of the Diffusion Combustion of Suspension of Boron Nanoparticles in Isopropanol Barmina, E. V.

67 2 p. 39-43
2 Investigation of Spectral Properties of Chloroplast Grana System by Effective Medium Theory Bikbaev, R. G.

67 2 p. 44-46
3 Measurement of Local Modules of Elasticity of Construction Materials using Laser Ultrasonic Sources Makalkin, D. I.

67 2 p. 58-61
4 Nonequilibrium Ionization in Hypersonic Air Flow around a Blunt Wedge of Finite Dimensions at an Angle of Attack Surzhikov, S. T.

67 2 p. 51-57
5 Scalar Vector and Phase Characteristics of an Acoustic Field in an Arbitrary Regular Inhomogeneous Liquid Medium Dzyuba, V. P.

67 2 p. 47-50
                             5 results found
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