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1 A New Type of Uncontrolled Multichannel Discharger for Nanosecond Switching of Megaampere Currents Galanova, E. A.

67 10 p. 405-409
2 Change of Orientation of a Body by Means of Three Pairs of Movable Masses Chernousko, F. L.

67 10 p. 428-432
3 Energy, Demography, and Climate: Is There an Alternative to Abandoning Fossil Fuels? Klimenko, V. V.

67 10 p. 433-438
4 On a Hyperbolic Equation for the Rayleigh Wave Kaplunov, J. D.

67 10 p. 424-427
5 On the Results in Physics Obtained in 2020‒2021 Kilpio, E. Yu.

67 10 p. 377-404
6 Spin-Fluctuation Transitions in MnSi According to Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Neutron Scattering Demishev, S. V.

67 10 p. 410-414
7 The Giant Effect of Nonreciprocity for the Microwave Magnetoresistance of (CoFe)/Cu Superlattices Ustinov, V. V.

67 10 p. 420-423
8 Traveling Waves in Nondispersive Strongly Inhomogeneous Media Pelinovsky, E. N.

67 10 p. 415-419
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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