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1 Direct Measurements of Atmospheric Absorption of Subterahertz Waves in the Northern Caucasus Balega, Yu. Yu.

67 1 p. 1-4
2 Evolution of Shapes of the Subsequence Cavities from the Impact of a Free-Falling Drop Chashechkin, Yu. D.

67 1 p. 15-22
3 High-Frequency (MHz) Ignition of Commercial Flash Lamps for Solid State Lasers Valshin, A. M.

67 1 p. 32-37
4 Influence of the Fermi Surface Shape on Magnetoresistance Anisotropy in ZrB12 Krasikov, K. M.

67 1 p. 11-14
5 Investigation of a Compressible Laminar Boundary Layer on a Permeable Plate with Uniform Injection for Gas Prandtl Numbers Pr = 0.1…1.0 Leontiev, A. I.

67 1 p. 27-31
6 Multiheaded Rotating Detonation in an Annular Gap Levin, V. A.

67 1 p. 23-26
7 Periodicity of the Mechanical Properties of Ice Resulting from the Formation of an Ice Field under Compression Epifanov, V. P.

67 1 p. 5-10
                             7 results found
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