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1 Application of the Undefined Frequency Method for the Analysis of a Two Planet Problem Budanov, V. M.

66 12 p. 341-344
2 Exact Solutions to the Problem of Dynamics of a Liquid with a Free Surface between Two Approaching Vertical Walls Zhuravleva, E. N.

66 12 p. 348-352
3 Hydrodynamic Generators of Oscillations: A New Type of Device for Periodic Impacts Veliev, E. I.

66 12 p. 353-357
4 Simulation of Deceleration of an Axial Flow by Vortex Wakes on an NEJ Blade Okulov, V. L.

66 12 p. 358-361
5 The Mechanism of Droplet Levitation in Gas–Droplet Flows Past Bodies Varaksin, A. Yu.

66 12 p. 345-347
6 The Radial Response of a Carbon Nanotube to Dynamic Pressure Dmitriev, S. V.

66 12 p. 336-340
7 The Rutherford Formula Generalized for the Synthesis of Gravity Assist Chains Golubev, Yu. F.

66 12 p. 333-335
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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