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1 Control of Detonation Combustion of a Hydrogen–Air Mixture by Argon and Ozone Addition Levin, V. A.

66 11 p. 320-324
2 Guaranteed Estimation of the State of a Dynamic System in the Presence of Observations with a Bounded Error Value Shmatkov, A. M.

66 11 p. 329-332
3 Mathematical Modeling of an Interactive Transonic Boundary Layer with a Nonlinear Profile of Undisturbed Speed Bogdanov, A. N.

66 11 p. 316-319
4 Modeling the Behavior of Elastoplastic Rods during Tension–Torsion Deformation and Plotting Their Strain Diagram before Rupture While Taking into Account the Type of Stress–Strain State Bazhenov, V. G.

66 11 p. 311-315
5 Omnidirectional Modulation of Seasonal Compression of the Earth’s Crust and the Aerosol Lidar Signal in a Tunnel above the Chamber of Elbrus Volcano Pershin, S. M.

66 11 p. 303-306
6 Prospects of Infrared Lasers in Air-Breathing Electric Thrusters Chernyshev, S. L.

66 11 p. 307-310
7 The Effect of Secondary Boiling on the Dynamics of a Jet Formed during Vapor-Bubble Collapse Induced by Laser Heating of a Liquid Chernov, A. A.

66 11 p. 325-328
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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