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1 Analytical Model of a Magnetopause in a Multicomponent Collisionless Plasma with a Kappa Energy Distribution of Particles Kocharovsky, Vl. V.

66 1 p. 9-13
2 Application of the Kelvin Approach for the Qualitative Estimation of Possibility of Phase Transitions in Shape Memory Alloys Annin, B. D.

66 1 p. 26-29
3 A β Ti–20Nb–10Ta–5Zr Alloy with the Surface Structured on the Micro- and Nanoscale Sevostyanov, M. A.

66 1 p. 14-16
4 Diffusion Combustion during Interaction of a Supersonic Round Microjet of Air with a Coaxial (Coflowing Ring) Jet of Hydrogen Kozlov, V. V.

66 1 p. 5-8
5 Experimental Verification of the Quantum Level on a Mobile Quantum Clock Fateev, V. F.

66 1 p. 17-19
6 Hydrogen Micro Jet Diffusion Combustion in a Coaxial Air Jet Kozlov, V. V.

66 1 p. 1-4
7 Mathematical Model of Conversion of CH4 Hydrate to CO2 Hydrate at High Rates of Carbon Dioxide Injection into a Reservoir Tsypkin, G. G.

66 1 p. 30-33
8 The Delay in Cavity Formation in the Intrusive Mode of Coalescence of a Freely Falling Drop with a Target Liquid Chashechkin, Yu. D.

66 1 p. 20-25
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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