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1 A Bandpass Filter Based on Dielectric Layers with a Strip Conductor Subwavelength Grating at Their Interfaces Belyaev, B. A.

65 9 p. 343-348
2 Comparative Analysis of the Occurrence of Water Superheating and Instability of the Boiling Front in a Porous Medium Tsypkin, G. G.

65 9 p. 333-337
3 Diffusion Combustion of a Round Hydrogen Microjet at Sub- and Supersonic Jet Velocity Litvinenko, Yu. A.

65 9 p. 312-316
4 Dynamic Interaction of Longitudinal and Transverse Laser-Induced Oscillations of a Rod Morozov, N. F.

65 9 p. 326-332
5 Features of the Solution of Direct and Inverse Scattering Problems for Inhomogeneities with a Small Wave Size Dmitriev, K. V.

65 9 p. 301-307
6 Heat Waves: A New Danger for the Russian Power System Klimenko, V. V.

65 9 p. 349-354
7 Plane Motions of Rigid Body Controlled by Means of Movable Mass Chernousko, F. L.

65 9 p. 338-342
8 The Frequency Spectrum of a Wire Micro- and Nanoresonator Ilgamov, M. A.

65 9 p. 308-311
9 The Stability of Circulatory Systems Kozlov, V. V.

65 9 p. 323-325
10 Three Nonlinearities in Physics of Acoustic Flows Rudenko, O. V.

65 9 p. 317-322
                             10 results found
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