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1 A Bandpass Filter–Polarizer Based on a Dielectric Multilayer with Strip Conductor Gratings Belyaev, B. A.

65 7 p. 225-229
2 Adaptation of the Jellett Integral to the Case of Rolling Friction Borisov, A. V.

65 7 p. 252-254
3 Application of the Block Element Method in a Certain Boundary Value Problem of Academician I.I. Vorovich Babeshko, V. A.

65 7 p. 246-251
4 Energy Efficiency of an Incomplete Thermodynamic Process with Detonation Combustion Tunik, Yu. V.

65 7 p. 258-260
5 Invariance of the Effective Phase Velocity of a Hydroacoustic Field in the Deep Ocean Aksenov, S. P.

65 7 p. 261-264
6 Nonlinear Oscillations of a Chain of Masses in a Liquid Rudenko, O. V.

65 7 p. 238-241
7 Shear Flow of a Viscous Fluid over a Cavity with a Pulsating Gas Bubble Ageev, A. I.

65 7 p. 242-245
8 Surface Conductivity of the Ytterbium-Doped Topological Kondo-Insulator SmB6 Demishev, S. V.

65 7 p. 233-237
9 Temporal Characteristics of Failure in High-Speed Tests Smirnov, I. V.

65 7 p. 255-257
10 The Use of High-Power Electromagnetic Pulses on Bacteria and Viruses Gulyaev, Yu. V.

65 7 p. 230-232
                             10 results found
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